The 14th Issue (Vol 8; No 1; June, 2018) of the JIBM of Riphah International University, Islamabad has been up-loaded on the website
September 2018  
Thanks to Almighty; and all academicians, researchers and professionals in the areas of Islamic economics, business and finance who support us in knowledge sharing and dissemination. Links are given below:
1.     Maqasid Realisation in Islamic Finance: Components of Framework for Measurement Index
2.     Towards a Maqasid al-Shar ı‘ah based Development InTowards a Maqasid al-Shar ı‘ah based Development Indexdex
3.      Are Islamic Banks Really Different from Conventional Banks? An Investigation using Classification Techniques
4.      Liquidity Management by Islamic Banks in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis
5.      Islamic Banking and Finance: A New Paradigm in International Relations
6.      Voluntary Disclosure, Enterprise Risk Management and Stock Price Synchronicity: Evidence from Shar ı‘ah Compliant and Non-Shar ı‘ah Compliant Companies
7.      Characteristics of Shar ı‘ah Supervisory Board, Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Efficiency of Islamic Banks: Evidence from Listed Banks in Asia
8.      Moderating Role of Islamic Work Ethics and Mediating Role of Organizational Identification on Leader-Member Exchange and Citizenship Behavior Relationship: A Test of Moderated Mediation Model
9.      Antecedents of General Consumer Attitude Towards Religious Advertising in Pakistan
10.   Combined Effects of Brand Co-Creation, Customization on Brand Trust and Word-of-Mouth: Mediating Role of Perceived Brand authenticity and Moderating Role of Need for Uniqueness A study from Islamic Perspective
11.   Impact of Advertising Effectiveness on Behavioral Brand Loyalty with Mediating Effect of Self-Brand Connection: Evidence from the Islamic Banking Sector in Pakistan
12.  Islamic Banking-Pakistan, the Pioneer, but No More a Leader
13.   Tawarruq through PMEX using High Speed Diesel (HSD)
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